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U-channel Cable Ladder – Weber Machinery co.,ltd

U-channel Cable Ladder

Product description:

The U-channel cable ladders are widely applied to base station and equipment room for telecommunication company. These ladders can route the cables and support the weight of all cables. It’s a essentially engineering tool for standard cable constructions of optical fiber, Cat.5, electric wire, electric cable and pipe cable. This product is open style cable tray and meets the requirement of national information department. Material is cold-roll steel, surface treatment is coating or hot galvanizing (outdoor using). They can bear heavy load, have elegant appearance and corrosion resistance.

Main technology indicators and advantages:

Material: Cold-roll steel
Load: 300Kg safe load per meter
Hanging: Can chose: 1. φ10-16 screw. 2.U-shape steel beam
Fixing: Using anchors to fix cable ladder on the concrete floor, beam, column or wall.
Dimension: Single U-channel cable ladder unit is 2500mm length, width from 200mm to 1000mm. Regular width used in computer serve room is 400-600mm.

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