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Aluminium Cable Ladder – Weber Machinery co.,ltd

Aluminium Cable Ladder

Main technical indicator and advantages:

1. Glossy aluminum alloy without any impurities.
2. Oxidation treatment on surface.
Loading: The safe loading is 300 KG per meter. The yield strength is over 153N.
1. The cables can be mounted on the aluminum profile. It’s easy for maintenance or repair.
2. The mounting of aluminum profiles is also easy and quick. These can be mounted in single layer or double layer without any professional tools, only spanner needed.
Hanging: Can chose:
1. φ10-16 screw.
2. Aluminum alloy beam.
3. Aluminum alloy horizontal rail. Fixing: Using anchors to fix cable ladder on the concrete floor, beam, column or wall.
Dimension: Single aluminum cable ladder unit is 3000mm length, width from 200mm to 1000mm. Regular width used in computer serve room is 400-600mm.

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